In the Classroom

Clear Into The Future® has a history of supporting educational initiatives which engage our youth and pique their curiosity about conservation and nature. We hope to engage students with the environment and encourage them to help maintain a healthy, diverse, and vibrant planet.

Clear into the ClassroomSM Website
In 2011, we launched an educational website to inform elementary school students about the Delaware Estuary and its unique plants and wildlife.

The website is designed for 3rd – 5th grade students. Activities and learning opportunities for students include:

  • Playing a match game to uncover the Clear Into The Classroom screenshotlifecycle of a butterfly
  • Spotting birds in the backyard
  • Spying on a peregrine falcon through a live webcam located on top of the Brandywine Building (seasonal)
  • Exploring facts about birds, mammals, plants, etc.
  • Personalizing bookmarks to promote reading

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Community Events
Our team leads educational activities with students and the community at various events, from Earth Day celebrations to DuPont Nature Center festivals.

Clear into the Classroom Community Events 1

Clear into the Classroom Community Events 2


Grants to Non-Profit Organizations
Clear Into The Future® has awarded competitive grants to non-profit organizations which lead conservation-oriented educational programs with our youth.

One example is a Teen Marsh Program spearheaded by the Delaware Nature Society (DNS). In 2010 and 2011, DNS utilized Clear into the Future® grants to lead rising 10th grade minority at-risk students from the City of Wilmington through an estuary ecosystem week-long program. The students experienced a hands-on citizen science study of a marsh ecosystem, participated in restoration projects (boardwalk building, invasive species control, bird box building) and learned its impact on the marsh, engaged in the history of the Wilmington Riverfront, and explored potential future career paths through lectures regarding ethics and economics of environmental resources. The specific goal of these activities was to initiate the connection to nature, and to create a desire to learn more about future scientific careers.

Clear into the Classroom Grants 1

Revegetation team planting native species

Clear into the Classroom Grants 2

Boardwalk construction team installing planks