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Is New York The Only Place To Look For Dear Evan Hansen Tickets?

If you love Broadway musicals, then you likely have heard all about Dear Evan Hansen. This critically acclaimed show technically started off of Broadway, but it's had a very successful run on Broadway. At the 71st Tony Awards, it went into the night nominated for nine awards and wound up winning six of them. So, if you're a fan of shows like these, you're likely thinking about seizing the chance to see it in person, making you wonder if New York is the only place to look for Dear Evan Hansen tickets?

It's an interesting question all of the sudden. For most of 2017, the answer would have been yes, the New York show was the only one to look for as it continued its stellar run at the Music Box Theatre. This Midtown Manhattan facility seats 1,009 and has been home to the show for its Broadway run. It also looks to continue hosting the show for the foreseeable future. So, this is certainly your most direct bet at getting Dear Evan Hansen tickets.

However, the producers of the show recently announced that a road production is under development. The entire list of states or cities that tour will be visiting has yet to be revealed, but it was announced that the road show will start in Colorado. The state capital and largest city in the state, the Mile High City will be the opening home of the show that is said to be going to around 50 different cities in coming years. Denver will see the show in 2018, although tickets may go on sale much sooner, possibly still in 2017.

Chicago is another city confirmed to be on the list, but multiple dozens are waiting to be announced. It's likely the list will be similar to the city tour lists of other Broadway road productions, but until names are formally announced, it's hard to know for sure. Given all this, your search for Dear Evan Hansen tickets might just come down to what city you want to see it in.

Seeing it in New York City might seem like the purest way to go, but the road production will be just as high caliber. It's sure to entertain and delight audiences from one coast to the next, triggering the same insightful conversations the Broadway production has earned a reputation for.