2012 Grants Awardees

American Birding Assocation

  • Youth scholarships for camps, training programs, workshops, and conventions

Conserve Wildlife NJ/NJ Audubon Society

  • Develop new restoration technique for suboptimal horseshoe crab breeding habitat along Delaware Bayshore

Delaware Nature Society (two grants)

  • Bacteria monitoring program in Red and White Clay watersheds
  • Watershed education program

Delmarva Ornithological Society

  • Annual falcon-cam

National Audubon Society

  • Investigate habitat vulnerability and population biology of salt marsh sparrows and red knots

New Jersey Audubon Society (two grants)

  • Continued project on 3 tracts at Salem River Wildlife Management Area
  • Continued investigation of metal contaminants in shorebirds during migration through Delaware Bay

Pennsylvania Sea Grant

  • Watershed education program

Pinchot Institute for Conservation

  • Source water protection in the Delaware Basin

Rutgers University–Cousteau Center

  • Project PORTS

Rutgers University–Haskin Shellfish Research Lab

  • Mussel reproductive cycle research

Rutgers University–Institute of Marine & Coastal Studies

  • Enhance natural population of horseshoe crab


Graduate student fellowships with research focus on the Delaware Estuary

  • Delaware State University
  • Drexel University
  • Rutgers University
  • University of Delaware