2015 Grant and Sponsorship Guidelines


1.0 Background

Clear into the Future® launched publicly in 2007 as a DuPont corporate initiative aimed at protecting and improving the health and beauty of the natural environment, while encouraging environmentally sustainable, regional economic growth. Since inception, Clear into the Future® has actively supported programs that engage and educate the community, while also supporting science that expands our understanding. Through its volunteer program, Clear into the Future® also has contributed thousands of hours of volunteer time for regional clean-ups, restorations, wildlife inventories, and other community service activities.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of the grant program is to provide funding for projects or initiatives that are aligned with the vision of Clear into the Future® and that are sponsored by non-profit 501(c) organizations and academic institutions.

Clear into the Future® is especially interested in supporting emerging ideas on the journey to becoming qualified for larger funding from other sources.

3.0 Areas of Focus

In 2015, Clear into the Future® has selected the theme “What’s Growing on Nearby” to emphasis the importance of native flora and fauna to the local ecosystems.

The importance of connection to communities where DuPont has employees and operates facilities was piloted in 2014 with a series of grants. This effort demonstrated the effectiveness of building ties between NGO, research institutions, and local DuPont employees.

This year’s Clear into the Future® grant program seeks proposals which are in alignment with this theme by preferentially weighting proposals that advancing understanding of and/or restoration of native flora and fauna which focus on ecosystems found in communities which DuPont has a presence.

Proposals addressing the following themes are requested:

    1. Projects designed to improve standing stocks of and/or the knowledge base for plants and animals that support crucial elements of ecological structure and function.
    2. Projects designed to improve public access to the local natural environment combined with education to enhance our ability as individuals to be good stewards of that local natural environment.
    3. Projects which restore or enhance the abundance of native species.
    4. Projects supporting holistic ecosystem approaches to understand critical chemical, physical, biological challenges within the local natural environment. Included are project which apply holistic understanding to informing policy or management decisions by state or federal groups, non-governmental groups, and local community action organizations.
    5. Development of green or sustainable technologies that support the protection and abundance of native flora and fauna.

4.0 Selection Process

The selection of the successful grantee(s) will be at the discretion of DuPont, provided the organization(s) has/have met the requirements specified in these guidelines. The evaluation will be based on, but not limited to, the proposed project’s: a) contribution to current scientific knowledge; b) benefit to regional ecosystem initiatives; c) impact through conservation or restoration resulting in tangible improvement in the local natural environment; d) contribution to advancing community understanding and stewardship of local environments in the communities where DuPont employees work and live; e) effective engagement of the community through volunteer participation in project tasks.

For previous Clear into the Future® grant recipients, past performance will also be a consideration in evaluation of new proposals.

5.0 Implementation

DuPont shall provide funding in amounts up to $10,000 for projects that start in calendar year 2015 and will evaluate proposals for greater amounts at its discretion. DuPont may consider renewing the project funding for additional years contingent upon the following:

    1. the availability of funding;
    2. successful completion of the project(s) goals and deliverables/outcomes during previous years of funding;
    3. continued focus on an area that aligns with the vision of Clear into the Future®; and,
    4. timely submission to DuPont of written documentation of progress against the project’s stated goals.

6.0 Special Requirements

  1. The organization shall provide a formal request for this funding using the electronic submission process described at www.ClearintotheFuture.com. Proposals received by 5:00 pm EDT on July 31, 2015, will be reviewed together. Submissions received after this date will be evaluated as received. A written acknowledgement of the funding shall be provided to DuPont within 30 days of receipt of funding notification via the contact in Section 7.0.
  2. The organization shall recognize and publicize the awarding of the Clear into the Future® grant from DuPont in a manner consistent with its other grants and research programs. Any reports, databases, publications, etc. (reports, peer reviewed journal articles, scientific meeting abstracts, presentations at scientific meetings, etc.) shall specifically recognize and cite the sponsorship of the Clear into the Future® grant. Copies of any reports, databases, publications, slide presentations, scientific society abstracts, etc. shall be provided to DuPont at the time of their public release or publication.
  3. After notifying the organization verbally or in writing, at its discretion DuPont reserves the right, subject to appropriate copyright considerations, to: 1) publicize these in print or other media; 2) post / link them to our Clear into the Future® website; 3) distribute the materials to the public and other interested groups; and 4) include the findings or outcomes in other print or electronic products pertaining to Clear into the Future®. In recognition of these reservation of rights, DuPont agrees to confer and coordinate with the organization prior to taking action on the above items, and will, upon request, reciprocate by posting related documents, reports, etc. from the organization that are relevant to the vision of Clear into the Future®.
  4. Within 60 days of completing a funding year, the organization shall provide an electronic copy of their findings or outcomes, data tables and spreadsheets, publications, presentations, abstracts, reports, etc.  In the event the funding results in publication (peer reviewed journal article, book chapter, etc.), the organization shall be considered in compliance with the requirement for a written summary by providing that publication to DuPont as noted above. DuPont reserves the right to request all qualified physical, chemical, and biological data generated under the Clear into the Future® Program for inclusion into its electronic, environmental databases. As it pertains to the results of their research, and at the request of DuPont, the organization may be required to participate in seminars, webinars, to be interviewed by local video and/or print media, provide updates via social media such as Twitter and Facebook, or to speak at public events. Posting of results via Twitter and Facebook is not a substitute for providing timely, written updates via email as required under these guidelines.
  5. During the funding cycle, the recipient shall provide a written summary of progress against stated goals. The written summary shall be submitted to DuPont every 90 days beginning from the date funding is granted. Written documentation can be provided by email to the address identified in Section 7.0.
  6. Grant funds shall be subject to the following conditions: none of the funds may be used for general administrative or overhead charges at the grantee organization; the funds shall be used only by the grantee organization for the identified project(s); project(s) should be completed or largely completed by the July 1, 2016.

7.0 Application Process

For consideration, applicants must complete a request via the DuPont grant and sponsorship request portal. Detailed instructions are provided at the Clear into the Future® Internet Application launch page.

Questions or issues with the application process should be directed to:

DuPont Clear into the Future® coordinator via email at ClearintotheFuture@DuPont.com.