Kris Roeske

Meet Our Recipients - Kris RoeskeKris has just finished up his first year as a grad student at Delaware State University in the Natural Resources and Aquatic Sciences department. Kris’s project is focusing on the health of the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) population of Blackbird Creek Watershed in relation to the varying degrees of Phrag (Phragmites australis) invasion that is present throughout the watershed. Due to the herbicide spraying that is conducted in the area, the extent and location of phragmites shifts on an annual basis. Kris is interested in determining whether blue crabs are displaying any habitat/site preferences within the creek at his various sites (sprayed, unsprayed, phrag dominated, mixed phrag, spartina dominated).

“I am excited about this research mainly because studying blue crabs is going to be a new experience for me. Hopefully this research will provide the managers of Blackbird Creek, as well as the private landowners in the area, with a better sense of how current management efforts are altering the ecosystem. I have an undergraduate degree in environmental science from Wesley College, which is also located in Dover. I enjoy playing lots of sports, and especially like skateboarding.”