Amanda Wenczel

Meet Our Recipients - Amanda WenczelIn her second year as a Clear into the Future® Fellow, Amanda will expand upon research conducted during her first year where she examined the filtration abilities of Geukensia demisssa (ribbed mussel) with regards to oyster disease transmission. Still focusing on filtration, she is currently examining the interactions of filter feeding bivalves when one species is utilized in a restoration initiative at a location where others are naturally abundant (e.g. using ribbed mussels in a living shoreline near a native oyster reef). Of greatest interest is the potential to see what, if any, changes to the community dynamics are created as the result of altering the abundance of one species. The overall goal of this research is to inform the placement of future restoration initiatives such that the beneficial ecosystem services (filtration of the overlying waters) are maximized.

Due in part to her previous Clear in to the Future® Fellowship, Amanda’s research this summer is supported by New Jersey Sea Grant funding and a Fluid Imaging Technologies Equipment and Travel Grant.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College and a Master of Marine Policy degree from the University of Delaware. Outside of her academic pursuits, she most enjoys spending time with her two young nieces, teaching them all about the marine environment and the “fishies” she studies.