Our Smallest Volunteers

Smallest Volunteers Soonjoo

The Clear Into the Future® Program welcomes all volunteers regardless of shape or size.

During some recent volunteer events, DuPont employees and their children had an opportunity to better understand the importance of maintaining and helping preserve Delaware’s natural habitat as well as its inhabitants. During the spring and fall tree planting events coordinated by the Delaware Nature Society, kids and teens could be seen working together as a team planting trees and increasing the forest interior habitat and forested buffer along Middle Run, a tributary of White Clay Creek in New Castle County, Delaware. The Middle Run watershed provides quality drinking water for the City of Newark.

Smallest Volunteers Harris

One of the youngest volunteers at the event, Yazmina, could be seen energetically working with her parents on the project. According to Shakti, Yazmina’s mother, “Little Miss Yazmina embarked on her first family volunteer project and we and had a great time!”

Shakti added, “My two-year-old daughter, Yazmina, loves helping me with everything.  So, I knew she would be excited to help at this outdoor service project, especially since it involved digging in the soil. Yazmina also helped water the trees, stomp on the dirt around the newly planted trees, and place hay (mulch) around them. It was her first volunteer experience in the community and I plan on bringing her back every year. The tree planting event provides a fun volunteer activity for the whole family.”

Smallest Volunteers Everett

Berlin and her son Everett also participated at the tree planting event. Everett said he liked that he “got to help to make homes for the birds that will live in those trees in the future.”

Berlin said, “As a parent, I feel it is important to teach our children at a young age to respect and care for the environment. Recycling, conserving water and electricity are important, but activities like those planned by Clear into the Future® are very tangible ways to help children understand that environmental stewardship often requires action from everyone.”

Smallest Volunteers ShinnyAnother young volunteer, Shinny, commented: “People do things by choice…one of the good choices is volunteering for meaningful and helpful things for this universe. It gives you a really good feeling after you’re finished doing it.”

Kevin, age 13, volunteered with his mother, Laura, at the Christina River Cleanup event during Earth Day weekend. Here is what Kevin had to say about his experience:

  • I like volunteering because: “It makes me feel like I’m helping the environment and our community.”
  • What I like best about volunteering is: “The sense of accomplishment. Being able to see the area before and then after makes me feel proud that I helped make it cleaner.  It was a great feeling.”
  • I was surprised by: “How much trash we collected from such a little space.”