How Can I Help

How Can I Help cleanupA little change in common behavior can make a big difference in the health of this delicate ecosystem. Here are a few of the ways people can improve the conditions of the Delaware River:

  • Avoid pouring hazardous wastes into sewers and drains
  • As you fish, remember to respect the fragility of the ecosystem by following “catch and release” practices
  • Protect the habitat of the Estuary’s marine life. Dispose of litter properly
  • Join an established beach cleanup or organize your own
  • Garden and landscape with plants that are native to the area, reducing the need for over-watering and harmful fertilizers

If we don’t do what we can to protect our estuary…

  • Thousands of unique fish, birds, mammals, and plants would cease to exist
  • We would lose the valuable scientific knowledge to be gained from the river
  • Trade ships would lose a valuable route of importing and exporting goods
  • Many jobs dependent upon the river would be lost
  • Future generations would lose the enjoyment and beauty we currently get from the river