Challenges Facing Our Estuary Community

Challenges Facing EstuaryThe Delaware River and Estuary face many threats from its surrounding communities. As examples, if not used wisely or properly, herbicides, motor oil, and other chemicals can make their way from our homes into the river via runoff from rainwater. Habitat alteration and siltation from construction and development activities can intrude on the delicate balance of the ecosystem, leaving the Delaware Estuary’s inhabitants, like the horseshoe crab, with less living space. Communities around the Delaware Estuary are working on various projects to help improve conditions in the Delaware Estuary and River, but there is more every individual can do to protect this important ecosystem.

For example:

  • Apply lawn fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Dispose of all household chemicals and their packaging (paints, bleach, cleaners, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) as directed by the manufacturer or ask your local government or solid waste authority if they have a community household hazardous waste collection day
  • Take used motor oils to an approved recycler