The River’s Uses

The River's Uses

Every day, the Delaware River serves us in a unique, valuable, and often overlooked way. Many of the goods we import from overseas are transported up the Delaware River and into our docks. The river is also home to dozens of rare species of mammals, fish, birds, and amphibians. The Estuary, a unique habitat created by the river, provides our homes and businesses with a buffer zone that protects us from the full effects of storms and flooding. Also, the Estuary naturally filters pollutants from the river, improving the quality of our water.

What is the Delaware River’s daily impact on our lives?

  • Its estuary protects our homes from floodwaters
  • Many jobs in fishing, science, and transportation are dependent upon the river
  • Its rare and unique species of birds, plants, fish, and mammals keep the delicate balance of the estuary intact
  • The river provides thousands of people with recreation and aesthetic beauty