Explore and Experience the Delaware Estuary

History of the RiverThe Delaware River has a rich and romantic history. From the time of the Native Americans to the Industrial Revolution, the Delaware River has played a significant role in the development of humankind in its watershed. Today, the Delaware River is treasured for the variety of wildlife it sustains, the abundant recreational opportunities it provides, its critical role in commerce and industry, and its natural beauty.

Likewise, humans have played a role in the ecology of the Delaware River. The Delaware is an urbanized river that has been subject to a variety of man-made impacts throughout its history. The shorelines and habitats of the Delaware River Estuary have undergone substantial changes since European colonization. Despite these ecosystem changes, the Estuary still supports a wide range of habitat types and a network of wetlands and tributaries.

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There are many places of interest in the Delaware Estuary that highlight the critical role natural resources played in our country’s development, and give visitors an opportunity to experience the ecology of this wonderful treasure.  The following links will take you to some of the places to explore: