History of Hagley

History of Hagley - a rocky river

Spanning from Pennsylvania into Delaware, the Brandywine River reveals beautiful gardens, views, and historical sites marking the origins of some of the greatest American Industrial Revolutions. In the 19th century, many Americans and businesses found being along the river essential. One of the many spots that helped shape American Industrial history is now marked by the Hagley Museum and Library.

In the early 1800’s, the DuPont family purchased what was known as Hagley Yards–recognizing its beauty and usefulness in their work with gunpowder. It was because of the property’s proximity to the river that E.I du Pont was able to employ and house hundreds of workers, build water wheels to power the mills, and run steam-powered machines to manufacture gunpowder.

The Hagley Museum helps take us back to that time and recognizes the importance of the river and how it brought machines to life and shaped the way we live today.

To learn more about America’s history of business and technology, or to take a stroll on the 235 acres along the banks of the Brandywine River, visit Hagley Museum and Library today!

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