DuPont and Sustainability

Our 2015 Sustainability GoalsDuPont and Sustainability

The DuPont 2015 Sustainability Goals span all of our operations, from R&D to manufacturing to marketing. They go beyond wanting to reduce our footprint; we’re developing safer and environmentally conscious products for all of the markets we serve around the globe. Those industries include transportation, construction, agriculture, and communications, just to name a few.

Besides our focus on the production of new and safer products our goal is to also make a difference in our local community. Clear into the Future® is an initiative aimed at protecting and improving the health and beauty of the Delaware Estuary, while encouraging environmentally sustainable, regional economic growth. We promote the goals of this important initiative by:

  • partnering and providing financial support to nonprofit organizations, community groups, and educational institutions who conduct research and coordinate projects throughout the Delaware Estuary;
  • supporting a volunteer program that has contributed thousands of hours of volunteer time for Delaware Estuary and regional clean-ups, wildlife inventories, and other community service activities;
  • and helping educate children through interactive activities and games, and hands-on experiences which teach the impact they can have on the environment, both negatively and positively.

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